FFmpeg 4.0 release, multimedia processing tools collection

FFmpeg 4.0 has been released. FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools for handling multimedia content for audio, video, subtitles and related metadata. Library: libavcodec Provides a wide range of codec implementations libavformat Flow protocol, container format, and basic I / O access implementation libavutil hashers, decompressors, and miscellaneous utility functions libavfilter Decoding of audio and video filtering modifications […]

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Calibre 3.22.1 release, open source ebook management software

Calibre is a powerful e-book management software that supports Amazon, Apple, Bookeen, Ectaco, Endless Ideas, Google/HTC, Hanlin Song devices, and formats. Feature Save time on managing your e-book collection Use it everywhere and with anything Comprehensive e-book viewer Download news/magazines from the web Share and backup your library easily Edit the books in your collection […]

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Apache OpenMeetings

Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.3 release, Video conferencing system

Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.3 released, OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio, video, and allows you to view each participant’s desktop. OpenMeetings also includes a whiteboard that allows you to import images and graffiti in various formats via a whiteboard. The update includes: ** Vulnerability CVE-2018-1325 – Wicket Jquery UI: […]

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KDE Frameworks

KDE Frameworks 5.45.0 releases, add new features

KDE Frameworks 5.45.0 released. The KDE Frameworks 5.45.0 software framework includes many enhancements, focusing on key components such as Plasma Framework, syntax highlighting, KIO, KWayland, KTextEditor, Kirigami, KFileMetaData, KEmoticons, KDeclarative, and KCoreAddons. This version update Framework also integrates to download the second and third download links from KNS products. The Breeze icon set provides installation and […]

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GNOME 3.28.1 release, Linux desktop environment

GNOME 3.28.1 released. It also adds support for the sandbox Snap package and fixes the problem of monitor layouts that are not remembered between sessions. Changelog The following modules have a new version: – NetworkManager (1.10.6 => 1.11.2) (*) – adwaita-icon-theme (3.27.90 => 3.28.0) (*) – dconf (0.27.1 => 0.28.0) – eog (3.28.0 => 3.28.1) […]

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