Office 2016 Linux

CrossOver 17 officially launched: Support for full running Office 2016 on Linux

CodeWeavers’ Josh DuBois officially announced today that the CrossOver 17.0.0 commercial application was officially launched. The software enables Linux and macOS users to install applications and games designed for Microsoft Windows and supports the latest Microsoft Office 2016 office suite and Quicken 2017. Josh DuBois said: “CrossOver 17 supports Microsoft Office 2016: the latest and greatest Microsoft Office […]

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Linux Benchmark

Linux Enterprise Distribution Benchmark: CentOS and Ubuntu were Defeated

Linux technology site Phoronix recently conducted a new benchmark for mainstream Linux distributions comparing the out-of-box performance of six Linux distributions. They let the distribution run a series of enterprise / workstation-based benchmarks simultaneously on two machines (systems). The machines are the high-end Core i9 7980XE desktop system and the Tyan 1U Xeon scalable server with dual Xeon Gold 6138 […]

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The Linux Foundation combines AT&T to build open source AI applications

According to foreign media reports, the Linux Foundation is working with AT&T to develop a new open-source AI project called Acumos Project, whose goal is to communicate freely with artificial intelligence frameworks and machine learning solutions, like many open source platforms, Eventually becoming the AI application and service market. Acumos Project is not for data scientists, […]

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NetMarketShare September data: Windows faces Mac OS and Linux threats

NetMarketShare in September to provide statistics show that Windows is currently the most popular desktop operating system, the market share of not less than 88.88%, Apple Mac OS is runner-up, but the market share is still far behind, only 6.29%, while Linux Compared with 4.83%. Although the gap is great, Microsoft did not take it lightly. […]

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Microsoft and Canonical build a custom Linux kernel

The relationship between Microsoft and Canonical has become closer. Canonical announced a partnership with Microsoft Azure to build a custom Linux kernel for the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS cloud image. The new custom kernel will have the same security and support as the support kernel, but not compatible with the Canonical Live patch Service, which is optimized and […]

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