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ARMv9 Architecture

ARM launches a new ARMv9 micro-architecture

ARM, a well-known chip R&D, and design company, recently announced the launch of a new ARMv9 architecture, which is a new chip prepared by ARM for the chip industry. The ARMv8 architecture launched by...

UK government Nvidia ARM

UK government may prevent Nvidia from acquiring ARM

Nvidia has previously announced that it will spend $40 billion to acquire the chip development company ARM from SoftBank, which is headquartered in Cambridge, England. Although Nvidia has reached agreements with SoftBank Group and...

Nvidia acquire ARM

ARM will abandon support for 32-bit in 2022

At present, mainstream operating systems are transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit, because the 64-bit architecture is relatively better than the 32-bit version, so upgrading is inevitable. But the transition requires not only the support...