Former Qualcomm and Intel executives join Arm board

Arm announced the appointment of new board members, including Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chairman and CEO of XCOM Labs and former CEO and executive chairman of Qualcomm Inc., and Rosemary Schooler, former corporate vice president and general manager of Data Center and AI Sales for Intel. Arm said that the two will bring Arm experience in technology development, business strategy, and corporate governance to prepare for its IPO.


Paul E. Jacobs, the son of Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs, received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley in 1989. After graduating, he started as a technical research and development personnel at Qualcomm. He succeeded as the CEO of Qualcomm on July 1, 2005, and succeeded his father as the chairman in 2009. After Steve Mollenkopf took over as Qualcomm’s CEO in 2013, Paul E. Jacobs only served as chairman.
By 2018, Paul E. Jacobs no longer served as the company’s executive chairman. Paul E. Jacobs then founded XCOM Labs as Chairman and CEO. In addition, Paul E. Jacobs is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Rosemary Schooler has more than 30 years of experience in the global technology industry and was previously Intel’s former vice president and general manager of data center and artificial intelligence sales. During her 33-year career at Intel, Rosemary Schooler was responsible for managing and overseeing IoT sales and corporate strategy. He has also held key positions in various departments including Embedded/IoT, Networking, and Storage business.

It was previously reported that Arm’s IPO plan suffered yet another setback, planning to postpone it from early 2023 to mid-2023, as management worried that a downturn in the economy and a plunge in technology stocks could scare away potential investors.