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Linus Torvalds launches Linux Kernel 6.8 RC1

Following the official release of Linux Kernel 6.7, the testing phase for version 6.8 has commenced. Recently, Linus Torvalds introduced the Linux Kernel 6.8 RC1. Should there be seven candidates in total, the official...

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40% Speed Bump? Linux Kernel 6.8 Redefines TCP Performance

The Linux Kernel 6.8 has received pivotal updates that markedly enhance the performance of the TCP stack, potentially increasing efficiency in handling multiple parallel TCP connections by up to 40%. This enhancement became feasible...

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Linux Kernel will support AV1 decoding

At present, the number of hardware platforms that provide accelerated AV1 encoding on the market is still very limited, but as more hardware supporting this royalty-free video codec encoding/decoding comes on the market, the...