Linus Torvalds launches Linux Kernel 6.8 RC1

Following the official release of Linux Kernel 6.7, the testing phase for version 6.8 has commenced. Recently, Linus Torvalds introduced the Linux Kernel 6.8 RC1. Should there be seven candidates in total, the official release is anticipated on March 10th; if eight, then March 17th marks its debut.

Linux Kernel 6.8, not being an LTS (Long-Term Support) version and relatively minor in its updates, focuses on enhancements to graphics and network drivers, as well as filesystems, including updates to bcachefs, XFS, Btrfs, VFS, architecture, tools, memory management, networking, core kernel components, and documentation.

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As a non-LTS version, the 6.8 release will receive security updates and bug fixes for only a few months. Consequently, it is generally not employed in server editions, though desktop users, free to engage in rolling updates, face minimal issues with continuously upgrading to new kernel versions.

It is crucial to note that release candidates are beta versions; thus, employing Linux Kernel 6.8 RC in a production environment is not advised to avoid potential unforeseen issues that could affect server operations.