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IPStorm Botnet

Bitcoin.org suffered a large-scale DDoS attack

According to a tweet released by the well-known developer @CobraBitcoin, the Bitcoin.org website is currently under a large-scale distributed denial of service attack launched by anonymous hackers. The website hosts many contents such as...

19-year-old hacker

The Irish Medical Service was attacked

Earlier, Colonial Pipeline, the largest oil product pipeline transportation company in the United States, was attacked by ransomware, and the company’s oil product transportation system was subsequently taken offline. This led to serious supply...

WhatsApp old devices

5 Effective Ways to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp

5 Effective Ways to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users and they are heavily using it of late. Well, since it’s more of social distancing these days, WhatsApp among other...