suffered a large-scale DDoS attack

According to a tweet released by the well-known developer @CobraBitcoin, the website is currently under a large-scale distributed denial of service attack launched by anonymous hackers.

The website hosts many contents such as Bitcoin white papers, core wallet downloads, news media resources, blogs, etc., and is usually considered to be the official website of Bitcoin.

This website is also not profitable. At present, it is mainly maintained by developers and donated through Bitcoin. Besides, there is no other profitable source of income.

Unfortunately, a few days ago, Bitcoin’s official website encountered a large-scale distributed denial of service attack launched by anonymous hackers, and the purpose of the attack turned out to be for ransom.

The hacker’s purpose is simple, launch a traffic attack that causes the target website to be paralyzed and cannot be accessed normally, thereby threatening the owner to pay a ransom, otherwise the attack will continue.

This type of traffic often occurs in certain corporate websites or game industries, but it is rare to use traffic attacks on non-profit websites such as the official Bitcoin website.

What is even more ridiculous is that hackers even demanded that Bitcoin defenders pay the ransom through Bitcoin, which made @CobraBitcoin curse that hackers are shameless scumbags.

At present, the attack seems to have not stopped, but access to the official Bitcoin website is not affected. my test found that most pages of the website can be loaded normally. hosts servers on DigitalOcean, a US server provider. Usually, these servers can automatically intercept a small amount of malicious traffic.

If the scale of the attack continues to increase and cannot be dealt with, can also switch to CLOUDFLARE to obtain more powerful server support.