duplicate code

Over half of GitHub is duplicate code

One of GitHub‘s mission is to share code, so it’s no surprise to find that up to 70% of the code on its platform is duplicated. Instead of measuring duplicate code on GitHub, the original plan of an international team of 8 researchers looked at file differences between different clone libraries and found an alarming percentage of file-level copies that changed […]

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GitHub new features, using the new Marketplace application to upgrade the workflow

Use these new Marketplace apps to upgrade your workflow GitHub Marketplace introduces four new applications to help you view, protect and monitor your code. Code review AccessLint brings automated Web accessibility testing into the development process. When you open a pull request, AccessLint will provide you with quick, timely, and targeted feedback with any new accessibility questions before […]

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Github introduces new tools: alert developers to keep track of vulnerable items in the project

At today’s Github Universe conference in Pier 70, San Francisco, the company announced a new tool called “Dependency Graph” designed to help developers identify vulnerable code in code. This feature can be used to instantiate the software libraries in the project, visualize the information that is easily digested by the developer, and give an accurate overview […]

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