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Intel Core i9-13900

Intel 13th Gen Core RaptorLake (i9-13900) Benchmark

Intel will introduce Raptor Lake (13th Gen Core) this year to replace the existing Alder Lake, which will be a competitor to AMD’s Zen 4 architecture processors (Ryzen 7000 series) codenamed Raphael. Recently, SiSoftware...

LGA 1851

Intel’s next-generation LGA 1851 socket leaked

It has been reported recently that Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake will feature a new socket called LGA 2551. However, it was soon reported that Intel’s new socket on the desktop platform should be...

Intel Lancaster Sound

Lancaster Sound appears on the Intel circuit diagram

Intel previously demonstrated the Arctic Sound M data center GPU at the ON Industry Innovation Summit. The product has two models, 150W and 75W, the 150W model is based on the ACM-G10 GPU, and...