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Intel Core i9-12900K single-threaded

Intel Core i9-12900K single-threaded results leak

With the release of Intel’s 12th-generation Core series processors approaching, more and more related test results have been leaked recently. But before Intel officially releases the Alder Lake processor, these can only be used...

Intel Alder Lake Windows 11

U.S. retailer reveals Intel Alder Lake processor price

At the beginning of this month, I reported some price situations of Intel Alder Lake-S processors in the US and Europe. The first 12th-generation Core series processors are expected to include six products: Core...

Intel NUC P14E

Intel released the new NUC P14E notebook

Intel announced a new NUC P14E notebook. This notebook is the first with modular compute, which has a 2K resolution 3:2 screen, a 77Wh watt-hour battery, biometric verification functions, and an aluminum structure In...