Arrow Lake-S Unveiled: 13 New Core Ultra Processors

According to Intel‘s previously announced plans, the next-generation Arrow Lake processors are slated for release within 2024. The desktop version, Arrow Lake-S, will utilize the LGA 1851 socket and feature upgraded P-Cores and E-Cores based on the new Lion Cove and Skymont architectures, respectively, manufactured using Intel’s 20A process technology.

Arrow Lake-S 8P+12E

As reported by VideoCardz, the Arrow Lake-S will introduce a new naming convention as the Core Ultra 200 series, offering a total of 13 products, which is significantly fewer than previous releases. This lineup includes:

  • Core Ultra 200K series – with a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 125W, comprising three models
  • Core Ultra 200 non-K series – with a TDP of 65W, also comprising three models
  • Core Ultra 200F series – with a TDP of 65W, including two models
  • Core Ultra 200T series – with a TDP of 35W, also including two models

The new generation’s K series includes three models: Core Ultra 9 285K, Core Ultra 7 265K, and Core Ultra 5 245K, featuring core/thread configurations of 24C/24T (8+16), 20C/20T (8+12), and 14C/14T (6+8) respectively, all with a TDP of 125W. The non-K series will feature the Core Ultra 9 275, Core Ultra 7 255, and Core Ultra 5 240, each with a TDP of 65W. Additionally, the Core Ultra 5 will offer a 10C/10T (6+4) configuration, with the same TDP. Consistent with past practices, Intel will also offer a T series with a TDP of 35W. Moreover, there are likely to be two F series models without integrated graphics.

However, unlike previous iterations, the Core Ultra 200 series is rumored to start with the Core Ultra 5, with no Core Ultra 3 products. Details such as frequency, voltage, and DDR5 support for the Core Ultra 200 series remain unclear at this time.