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Xbox platform games

Most of the new works will be on the Xbox platform

In the wake of Sony announcing numerous upcoming titles for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, and PC platform during their PlayStation Showcase livestream, Microsoft’s Xbox followed suit via their official Twitter account, stating that...

Microsoft Bing GPT-4

Microsoft continues to upgrade Bing Search service

With Microsoft’s Bing Search service incorporating OpenAI’s ChatGPT functionality, Microsoft states that users have currently amassed over half a billion chat interactions with Bing Search, and through Bing Image Creator, they have crafted in...

Samsung ban ChatGPT

Navigating AI Ethics: U.S. Government’s Bold Initiative

The United States government recently announced the allocation of $140 million for the establishment of seven novel artificial intelligence research and development centers, ensuring that AI technologies do not jeopardize public safety. Subsequently, U.S....