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Akira Ransomware

Cybercrime Trend: Fewer Firms Pay Ransoms

In the first quarter of 2024, the percentage of companies that agreed to pay ransoms to cybercriminals reached a record low of 28%. This statistic was provided by Coveware, a firm specializing in cybersecurity....

Bumblebee malware

Cybersecurity Alert: Bumblebee Malware Resurfaces

After a four-month hiatus, the Bumblebee malware has reemerged, launching extensive phishing campaigns against thousands of organizations within the United States. Bumblebee, a loader discovered in April 2022, is believed to have been developed by...

DJVU ransomware

Free Software Turns Malicious: New DJVU Variant Emerges

Security researchers at Cybereason have identified a new variant of the ransomware “DJVU,” masquerading as free software. According to security expert Ralph Villanueva, perpetrators employ a well-known attack scheme, but this time, it involves...