ALPHV Ransomware Group Extorts Roblox and Twitch After Breaching Tipalti’s Systems

The ransomware group ALPHV/BlackCat has claimed to have gained access to the data of companies Roblox and Twitch. This breach is reportedly a consequence of hacking Tipalti, a provider of accounting software solutions.

ALPHV disclosed details about Tipalti on its website. The criminals assert that they infiltrated Tipalti’s systems in early September and remained undetected for a significant period, allegedly absconding with over 265 GB of confidential data. The pilfered data encompasses information about the company’s employees and its clients. The extortionists have begun blackmailing Tipalti’s clients, likely to expedite negotiations for a ransom.

Tipalti’s website reveals that the company specializes in developing software for automating supplier payments, procurement, and international transactions for businesses. Its clientele includes notable entities such as the social network X, GoDaddy, National Geographic, Business Insider, SkillShare, and Canva.

In a statement on its website, ALPHV not only threatened Tipalti but also its major clients like Roblox and Twitch. The group appears to be leveraging these well-known brands as a ‘case in point’ to intensify the pressure on Tipalti. The attackers also explicitly menaced Roblox, declaring their intent to personally extort ransom from the affected parties, including content creators, whose tax documents were allegedly exposed in the Tipalti hack. Tipalti, Roblox, and Twitch have yet to provide any comments on the situation.

Via: vxunderground