DirectSR Unveiled: Faster, Sharper Gaming on Windows

Before the commencement of GDC 2024, Microsoft announced its collaboration with NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel. Through an API resource known as DirectSR, the initiative aims to enhance the resolution and performance of games on the Windows platform. Leveraging machine learning, this technology seeks to elevate graphical fidelity while ensuring a smoother execution, all the while demanding minimal GPU resources.


Before this innovation, NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel each introduced technologies capable of enhancing game resolution and frame rate display. However, these improvements were contingent upon using their specific graphics card products or offered relatively modest enhancements.

Microsoft’s introduction of DirectSR technology represents a desire to utilize a shared API resource, enabling users to experience consistent graphical enhancements across different graphics card hardware configurations. This approach also simplifies the process for developers, allowing for significant improvements in game visuals and smoother performance.

As a component of DirectX 12, DirectSR technology is set to be available for developer testing through a preview version of the Agility SDK. Detailed information will be presented on March 21st during GDC 2024.