Category: Network Attacks

C2 framework

Villain: A high level C2 framework

Villain Villain is a high level C2 framework that can handle multiple TCP socket & HoaxShell-based reverse shells, enhance their functionality with additional features (commands, utilities etc) and share them among connected sibling servers...

Network Execution

NetExec: The Network Execution Tool

NetExec – The Network Execution Tool This project was initially created in 2015 by @byt3bl33d3r, known as CrackMapExec. In 2019 @mpgn_x64 started maintaining the project for the next 4 years, adding a lot of...

Active Directory Security

BREADS: BREaking Active Directory Security

BREADS – BREaking Active Directory Security BREADS is a tool focused on enumerating and attacking Active Directory environments through LDAP and SMB protocols. This project is inspired by other existing tools like NetExec (CrackMapExec) and...