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Steam Deck sales

Steam Deck has shipped more than 3.47 million units

Market research firm Omdia reports that Valve’s Steam Deck, launched in 2022, accumulated sales of 1.62 million units, with an additional 1.85 million units sold thus far in 2023, reflecting a 14% growth and...

Steam Deck production

Valve is continuing to ramp Steam Deck production

Two months after its official release, Steam Deck overwhelmed this year’s hit game “Elden Ring” and successfully climbed to the top of Steam’s weekly sales charts. Over the past few months, Steam Deck’s popularity...

Steam Deck RX 6900 XT

Valve will boost Steam Deck shipments

If some friends have always wanted to buy a Steam Deck, then they may pay more attention in the next few months. That’s because Valve will ramp up production of the hot-selling handheld in...