Steam Deck has shipped more than 3.47 million units

Market research firm Omdia reports that Valve’s Steam Deck, launched in 2022, accumulated sales of 1.62 million units, with an additional 1.85 million units sold thus far in 2023, reflecting a 14% growth and a total of 3.47 million units.

Thanks to its support for the custom Steam OS and the option to install Windows, the Steam Deck can not only play games available on Steam but also utilize third-party software marketplaces and gaming services, effectively functioning as a compact PC. Coupled with its relatively affordable pricing, the device has swiftly garnered the attention of numerous gamers.

In comparison to handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck allows players to enjoy a variety of AAA titles on the go, offering a commendable overall user experience that appeals to many hardcore gamers.

Beyond the Steam Deck, competing products such as the AYANEO have entered the market, and ASUS has recently confirmed its entry into the handheld gaming space with the ROG Ally. This emerging trend has helped propel such devices into mainstream popularity, granting gamers the flexibility to indulge in their preferred gaming content anytime, anywhere.