Over a thousand games have been verified by Steam Deck

Valve says that over a thousand games have been verified to run on the Steam Deck. In a new Steam community forum post, Valve said that the games that received the verified label met their “very high” standards.
As this work takes place, our existing standards for titles to get a Verified or a Playable rating are very high. If a game shows controller glyphs 99% of the time but tells you to ‘press F’ sometimes during gameplay, that’s Playable, not Verified. If 99% of a game’s functionality is accessible, but accessing one optional in-game minigame crashes, or one tutorial video doesn’t render, that’s Unsupported.
Even such high standards may misreport the playability of some games, but Valve said they would rather do this than have a game appear certified, but the actual playtime would be problematic.
For now! This is by design: around the launch timeframe, we believed it was more valuable to prevent false positives (“this game is Verified but part of it doesn’t work”), even at the cost of some appearance of false negatives (“this game is Unsupported but I didn’t notice anything wrong with it”). Even with the current standards, at the rate both we and partners are making improvements, we expect you’ll see many titles transition over the next few weeks from Playable, or even Unsupported, to Verified. We also expect our standards and thinking will adjust as we move farther from launch and get much more feedback from customers and developers.