Valve is continuing to ramp Steam Deck production

Two months after its official release, Steam Deck overwhelmed this year’s hit game “Elden Ring” and successfully climbed to the top of Steam’s weekly sales charts. Over the past few months, Steam Deck’s popularity hasn’t waned, and it’s even more popular.

Recently, Valve officially announced that many supply chain shortages affecting Steam Deck’s supply are gradually being eliminated. Steam Deck production is ramping up to meet demand from players in the pre-order queue faster, and players will receive their Steam Deck earlier than expected.

To this end, Valve has also made an update, and all currently scheduled orders can be completed within this year. Players who originally expected to receive Steam Deck in the fourth quarter of 2022 or later will receive the product early in the third quarter. From now on, new orders will be placed in the fourth quarter, and if capacity is filled, it will be pushed to the next quarter, which is the first quarter of 2023. Valve says players can keep an eye out for updates on their orders.
Although there are already similar products on the market, the one most admired by players is obviously Steam Deck. On the one hand, Valve has stronger strength and has been working hard on the Steam platform for a long time. On the other hand, Steam Deck uses AMD’s APU codenamed Van Gogh. The customized Zen 2 architecture CPU and RDNA 2 architecture GPU are more targeted. As a common x86 platform, it also has very high playability. In addition, even if there are products with similar performance, it is difficult to match Steam Deck in terms of cost control.