Valve will boost Steam Deck shipments

If some friends have always wanted to buy a Steam Deck, then they may pay more attention in the next few months. That’s because Valve will ramp up production of the hot-selling handheld in the third quarter and start sending out pre-order emails this weekend to customers who pre-order it.

Steam Deck RX 6900 XT

Image: ETA Prime

Valve recently posted on its Twitter account, saying that the last batch of scheduled emails for the second quarter have been sent, and the emails for the third quarter will begin to be sent on June 30. Since Steam Deck is currently only available in some regions, if friends in designated regions are lucky enough to receive an email, they only need to complete the transaction within 72 hours and wait for the delivery.

And more importantly, Valve also announced in the article that it will double its weekly Steam Deck shipments from now on. Valve was able to do this, according to the post, because Steam Deck production has also increased. If some consumers are still waiting for the second-quarter pre-order email, Valve suggests waiting a little longer or rechecking the pre-order status on the product page.

Steam Deck has been receiving several updates over the past few weeks, some of which have features like adjustable refresh rate to give players a better gaming experience, and features like PIN code unlock that can change the overall usage of players’ experience.

Now there are more and more choices for handheld consoles, so increasing the shipment volume can make Steam Deck a lot more competitive.