Steam Deck defeated the formidable enemy Elden Ring to enter top sellers for the week

Since the hardware foundation of Steam Deck is a common x86 platform and has very high playability, it has attracted the attention of many players since its announcement. Although there have been similar products on the market in the past, they have been tepid until the emergence of Steam Deck, which ignited everyone’s enthusiasm. On the one hand, Valve has stronger strength and has been working hard on the Steam platform for a long time. On the other hand, Steam Deck adopts AMD’s APU codenamed Van Gogh, and the customized Zen 2 architecture CPU and RDNA 2 architecture GPU are more targeted.

Steam Deck has been officially released for nearly two months, but its popularity has not diminished, and it has even set off a higher heat. For the past few weeks, Steam Deck has been in the No. 2 position on the top-selling games on Steam by revenue until last week, when it overwhelmed this year’s hit game Elden Ring and managed to reach the top spot, not easy for a product that starts at $399.

Based on the average selling price of the Steam Deck and the Elden Ring, roughly 100,000 Steam Deck units would earn as much as 1 million copies of the Elden Ring. Since Valve didn’t share actual sales numbers, this is just speculation, but it’s reasonable given the sales of Elden Ring.

Recently, Valve has released a number of Steam Deck updates in succession, including various new features and improved updates, such as adding dual trackpad input and providing a new beta version, adding fTPM support for Windows 11. Microsoft also previously announced that Steam Deck has supported Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can use Steam Deck through the Microsoft Edge (Beta) browser.