Valve releases Steam Deck updates: Added fTPM support, enabling Windows 11 installation

Since the hardware foundation of Steam Deck is a common x86 platform, it has very high playability. In addition to the factory-installed Steam OS based on the Linux system, Valve has previously provided relevant drivers for Windows 10 system but does not support dual-system booting of Windows and SteamOS.

install Windows Steam Deck
Recently, Valve continuously released Steam Deck updates. One is an update that includes various new features and improvements, and the other is a new beta update that further refines it and adds fTPM support for Windows 11. As we all know, if you want to install Windows 11 system, you need to meet Microsoft’s requirements in terms of TPM. This time, fTPM is enabled on AMD’s custom SoC, which lays the foundation for users to install Windows 11.

With fTPM, the new beta not only brings Steam Deck full support for Windows 11 but also has more game-specific features, such as support for DirectStorage. It’s just that Steam Deck is still lacking in driver support for Windows 11 systems, such as the lack of audio drivers. Of course, if users need more security, fTPM can also be enabled in Windows 10 systems. However, Valve reminded us that the new beta version is still being debugged, and users need to clearly understand the risks they face before doing related operations.

Another cool addition to this Steam Deck update is the addition of dual trackpad input, which comes from Valve’s own Steam Controller. When the on-screen keyboard appears in SteamOS, users will see two cursors on the screen to see where they are typing. Another feature is the calibration option for the joysticks on the Steam platform and external controllers, which can now adjust the area of ​​the left and right joysticks, as well as adjust the haptic strength of the left and right trackpads.