Samsung partners with iFixit to launch self-repair program

Although today’s smartphones are still considered high-tech products, it is relatively simple to replace the battery, screen, camera, etc. Therefore, many players like to repair by themselves, which is not only fun but also saves some money. However, the original parts are difficult to buy, Samsung seems to see this need, and recently announced their self-repair program with iFixit.
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Samsung’s plan was launched in partnership with the well-known teardown site iFixit, which will provide repair support including original parts, disassembly tools, and repair guides for users who want to repair their phones themselves. It is currently confirmed that the Galaxy S20 and S21 series, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet, will be the first devices in the program. The latest generation of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series has not yet been supported. It should be because these new models are still within the warranty period. Samsung does not recommend that you repair them yourself. It is more convenient to go back to the official after-sales maintenance.

However, on the supported models, Samsung only provides the original parts for the screen, back cover glass, and charging interface, and does not have the battery that the majority of users need most. It may be because the battery is fixed by glue. Samsung is worried that users will find accidents if it is improperly operated.
Although Samsung’s self-study program currently supports flagship and high-end machines, Samsung said it will expand this program to Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A series in the future.