Sony first-party studios are developing AAA horror games

If anyone remembers, Sony bought Firesprite Games earlier. Firesprite Games has always been primarily developing VR games, and now as a Sony first-party studio, the studio, which is made up of former Studio Liverpool employees, will of course need to develop titles that can run on the PlayStation console, and their first title may be a AAA horror game.

Firesprite Games recently posted a job posting on its website, which states that the studio will be hiring a narrative director, and the narrative director will join “a AAA narrative driven horror-adventure game in Unreal 5“. While the revelation doesn’t reveal anything else, the mere fact that Firesprite Games is working on a horror game with Unreal Engine 5 makes a lot of sense on its own.
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It is worth mentioning that Firesprite Games has basically been developing VR games since its establishment in 2021. Although there is currently no evidence or hint that the next AAA horror game will be presented in VR, it is not impossible to combine the VR expertise of Firesprite Games itself. In addition, VR is a very good form of expression for horror games. As we all know, Sony is also preparing to launch a new generation of head-mounted VR device PSVR 2, so it is quite worth looking forward to what form this AAA horror masterpiece will finally be presented in.