Steam Deck is already available for purchase in a month

Steam Deck can be said to be one of the most fun digital devices this year, with the support of Valve manufacturers, the overall user experience is more reliable than many other PC handhelds. Therefore, since the sale at the end of last year, players’ enthusiasm for buying has been high, and there have been too many orders and insufficient production capacity. Everyone had to wait for months to get the machine, but now that has changed, and everyone can basically buy the Steam Deck in about a month.
Steam Deck AMD Van Gogh

Some time ago, Valve issued an announcement saying that as the shortage of parts in the supply chain began to slow down, the production capacity of Steam Deck has been improved. Orders that were originally shipped in Q4 this year can already be delivered to players in Q3 ahead of schedule. Then Valve also announced that it will be able to meet all orders by the end of this year. The actual situation is also the same. Many players who only ordered Steam Deck at the end of August have recently received an email from Valve notifying the delivery.

Although nearly a year has passed since its first release, Steam Deck is no longer the strongest in the PC handheld market in terms of hardware performance, but with the first-party support of the Steam platform, Steam Deck is still the first choice for many players, and Valve also revealed that they are already working on a second-generation machine, but it should not be announced so soon.