Nvidia is working with Valve to optimize the GeForce Now experience for Steam Deck

The affordable Steam Deck has grown in popularity since its launch. With the increase in production capacity, Steam Deck has become more unstoppable, occupying the top spot of Steam’s best-selling list for most of the past year. Valve has released more than 90 updates, quickly fixing bugs and resolving compatibility issues to make Steam Deck more stable.

Steam Deck is pre-installed with Linux-based Steam OS. Players can play a large number of games through the Steam game library, as well as access external cloud gaming services, such as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. Since it is not a fully compatible service, there will be problems in use. Currently, Nvidia is cooperating with Valve to discuss related optimization work.
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GeForce Now product manager Andrew Fear told PC Gamer that currently, players need the Chromium browser to use related services. Both Nvidia and Valve are interested in making Steam Deck have a better experience when using the GeForce Now cloud game service, and have not considered using native applications for the time being.
Valve has always held a relatively open attitude towards the use of Steam Deck, and Nvidia also hopes to promote its GeForce Now cloud game service more. It is believed that the wishes of both parties will promote the GeForce Now optimization of Steam Deck.