Linux is greatly improving boot performance through patches

The Linux system has been preparing a series of patches since February this year to shorten the boot time of the system on AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon platforms. Through these patch improvements, the Linux kernel startup time on the 96-thread Skylake platform has been reduced from 500 milliseconds to 34 milliseconds.
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These series of patches are mainly used to improve the startup performance of multi-core/multi-threaded server and workstation processor systems. Essentially, it improves the utilization of processor cores and threads to shorten the Linux Kernel startup time and supports platforms such as AMD RPYC server processor, AMD RYZEN thread tearer series, Intel Xeon Xeon server processor, etc.

The Linux Kernel maintenance team can obtain higher parallel performance through optimizations related to the time stamp counter synchronization (TSC synchronization) of the kernel execution and the start of the processor interrupt phase. The maintenance team also checked the time spent in the initial INIT/SIPI phase to see if there is any room for optimization.

Interested users can click here to view patch details.