Linux Kernel will support AV1 decoding

At present, the number of hardware platforms that provide accelerated AV1 encoding on the market is still very limited, but as more hardware supporting this royalty-free video codec encoding/decoding comes on the market, the media subsystem of the Linux kernel is also getting ready to support it.

Daniel Almeida from Collabora issued a “request for comments” (RFC) series of patches to implement the stateless AV1 user-space API (AV1 uAPI) for the Linux kernel in the media subsystem.

Linux Kernel 4.20

AV1 uAPI is built around the design and requirements of the AOMedia AV1 specification and follows the stateless design that the media subsystem has been working hard to develop. With the introduction of this series of patches, “VIVPU” is also used as a virtual driver to display the user-space API. VIVPU does not try any actual decoding/encoding, just to implement the user-space API for testing purposes. Collabora has also developed a GStreamer decoder for this virtual drive.

If you are interested in the work of the Linux media subsystem around stateless AV1 decoding, check out this patch.