Samsung plans to expand its wafer fab in Texas, USA

In May of last year, Samsung announced the construction of a new semiconductor fabrication plant in Tyler, Texas, USA, with an initial investment of $17 billion. Since December, Samsung has commenced procuring equipment for the facility, leading to an escalated project investment of $25 billion. The plant is scheduled to begin operations in 2024, utilizing EUV lithography equipment and adopting a 5nm process node. Samsung’s existing facility in Austin, Texas, currently operates up to a 14nm process node. The move to a 5nm process at the new plant will further cater to the demands of customers in the United States.

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According to a report by Sammobile, Samsung plans to construct an additional building adjacent to the new fabrication plant in Tyler. This structure will span approximately 2.7 million square feet, and construction has already commenced. Samsung has engaged a local engineering firm for construction review and inspection. The documentation submitted describes the new extension as “Samsung Fabrication Plant 2.”

Samsung has entered into a development agreement with local authorities, stipulating the provision of designated resources and the establishment of expedited processes for reviews, approvals, and inspection services related to site development and construction activities. While Samsung has not officially announced specific plans for the new building, there is speculation that it could be used for storing raw materials or potentially as part of an expanded production line.

Previous reports have indicated that Samsung plans to invest nearly $200 billion to build 11 semiconductor factories in Texas over the next 20 years. It is understood that two of these factories are planned for Austin, while the remaining nine will be located in Tyler, approximately 25 miles away.