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ASRock Z790

Some ASRock Z790/H770 motherboard models leak

Intel will launch Raptor Lake this year to replace the current Alder Lake. Intel has already confirmed that both processors use the LGA 1700 socket and can support the same chipset, which means that...

B660T-Silver motherboard

Biostar launches B660T-Silver motherboard

Biostar announced the launch of the new B660T-Silver motherboard. This is a new member of Biostar’s Alder Lake platform product line, using the Mini-ITX form factor. This is not Biostar’s first Mini-ITX B660 motherboard....

MSI X670 Motherboards

MSI Announces Its AMD X670 Series Motherboards

With AMD introducing the upcoming Zen 4 architecture Ryzen 7000 series processors and AM5 platform at Computex 2022, major motherboard manufacturers have also become busy. MSI immediately announced its X670 series motherboard lineup, including...