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X570S DARK motherboard

EVGA officially launched the X570S DARK motherboard

EVGA officially released the X570S DARK motherboard, which is the first real AMD motherboard under EVGA, use the latest 570S chipset, priced at $689.99, with a 3-year warranty. In addition to the introduction of...

Intel Z690 motherboard specifications

ASUS Z690 motherboard lineup leaked

At Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-S processor conference, in addition to the 12th-generation Core series processors with the “K” and “KF” suffixes, there will also be a supporting Z690 chipset. Sporadic news about the Z690...

Intel Z690 motherboard specifications

Intel Z690 motherboard specifications exposed

At the previous Intel Architecture Day event, although Intel introduced in detail the architecture and scalability of Alder Lake. However, it did not clearly disclose the specific product, and the supporting 600 series motherboard...