GIGABYTE reveals some AORUS Z890 motherboard models

Recently, there have been numerous updates about Arrow Lake, Intel’s next-generation processor for desktop platforms, codenamed Arrow Lake-S, also known as the Core Ultra 2 series. This new series will utilize the LGA 1851 socket, paired with the Intel 800 series chipset, and is expected to be in use until 2026. The highest-end model, the Z890, will support JEDEC-standard DDR5-6400 memory, increase the number of PCIe 5.0 lanes, and offer native Thunderbolt 4 support, along with other feature enhancements.

Recently, Facite reported that Gigabyte’s AORUS series will launch the following eight Z890 motherboards:

  • Gigabyte Z890 AORUS XTREME AI TOP
  • Gigabyte Z890 AORUS MASTER AI TOP
  • Gigabyte Z890 AI TOP
  • Gigabyte Z890 AORUS MASTER
  • Gigabyte Z890 AORUS PRO ICE
  • Gigabyte Z890 AORUS ELITE WIFI
  • Gigabyte Z890 AORUS ELITE AX
  • Gigabyte Z890 A ELITE X ICE

Notably, in addition to the standard models, Gigabyte has introduced three new models with the “AI TOP” suffix, seemingly optimized specifically for AI, potentially featuring BIOS enhancements and more extensive expansion interfaces.

Intel’s current Meteor Lake processors already incorporate an NPU AI acceleration engine, which consumes less power than the CPU and GPU, efficiently offloading various AI tasks and balancing performance and power consumption across different processing units. The combination of NPU, CPU, and GPU in the Core Ultra processors provides three distinct units for executing various AI computations, collectively delivering up to 34 TeraOPS of processing power. With Arrow Lake’s P-Core and E-Core upgraded to the new Lion Cove and Skymont architectures, and the use of Intel’s 20A process technology for manufacturing compute modules, it is anticipated that its NPU and overall AI performance will see significant improvements. Gigabyte’s introduction of Z890 chipset motherboards tailored to AI needs aligns well with the technological advancements of the era.