MSI teamed up with Kingston to create the new Z790 Project Zero Plus motherboard

At the beginning of this year, an internet user revealed that during CES 2024, they visited the SK Hynix booth, where a staff member indicated that CAMM memory modules would also be used in desktop computers. It is understood that related products for the desktop platform are already in development, though specific details were not mentioned.

Recently, MSI announced on social media that they have collaborated with Kingston to create the new Z790 Project Zero Plus motherboard, which supports CAMM2 memory and will be showcased at the upcoming Computex 2024.

From the images provided by MSI, we can observe that the Z790 Project Zero Plus motherboard has made significant modifications to the memory module section. Besides replacing the conventional DDR5 memory slots with sockets that support CAMM2 memory, there is also a fixed bracket with heatsinks on all sides, likely aiding in the cooling of CAMM2 memory. Additionally, the 24-pin power connector and memory power module have been relocated to the top of the motherboard, suggesting considerable changes to the PCB’s internal wiring.

According to JEDEC’s comparative wiring diagrams for CAMM2 memory modules, CAMM2 boasts a shorter and more efficient wiring design compared to traditional DIMM and SO-DIMM, allowing for better memory performance. Furthermore, CAMM2 can be used with LPDDR5(X), and JEDEC has confirmed that CAMM2 will support the next generation DDR6 and LPDDR6.

Not long ago, a renowned domestic storage manufacturer, Longsys, began aligning with market trends by showcasing its FORESEE LPCAMM2 memory at CFMS2024. This memory can be equipped with LPDDR5(X) chips, is compatible with 315-ball and 496-ball designs, and offers various capacities of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, supporting frequencies of up to 7500MT/s and above to meet diverse user needs for memory speed and capacity in different scenarios. It seems that MSI’s rapid adoption of this technology for their motherboards is indeed a very wise decision.