Intel releases Windows 11 Wi-Fi driver version 23.0.5 for its Wi-Fi 7 products

Although the Wi-Fi 7 standard has not been formally introduced, products associated with it have preemptively debuted in the market. Intel, too, has followed this trend, launching the Intel BE200 and BE202 Wi-Fi 7 network cards in September. Currently, Intel has rolled out the inaugural driver software for these products.

It’s noteworthy that Intel’s Wi-Fi 7 driver software exclusively supports the 64-bit version of Windows 11. While Windows 11 is solely available in a 64-bit variant, Windows 10 still offers a 32-bit version.

Earlier speculations suggested that the Windows 10 operating system might not incorporate Wi-Fi 7 support. Given the current scenario, this inclination seems accurate, otherwise, Intel would have no reason to withhold a 32-bit driver and neglect Windows 10 support.

 Wi-Fi driver version 23.0.5

  • This software is dedicated only for the Intel® Wi-Fi 7 products – Intel® Wi-Fi 7 BE202 and Intel® Wi-Fi 7 BE200. Please do not install this software on the other Intel® wireless products.
  • The Wi-Fi 7 is not currently available because of pending OS support. As a result, after installing the drivers, the Intel® Wi-Fi 7 products function with Wi-Fi 6E capabilities on Windows 11*.