Apple’s Foldable iPhone Delayed to 2027

Apple is poised to launch the iPhone 16 series later this year, introducing several novel alterations. However, the design of the iPhone appears to have plateaued in recent years, suggesting it may be time to venture into new categories. In the past few years, foldable smartphones have rapidly evolved, with their market size continually expanding and their technology increasingly maturing. It’s implausible to suggest Apple lacks interest in this area. Indeed, rumors of a foldable iPhone have circulated frequently in recent times.

According to a report by Alpha Biz, Apple is in the process of developing a foldable iPhone, initially slated for release in 2026. However, due to technical challenges, the launch has been postponed to the first quarter of 2027. While Samsung’s analogous offerings have undergone several iterations, Apple seems to be biding its time for further technological refinement, with screen creasing being one of its primary concerns.

Rumors indicate that Apple may introduce two distinct models of the foldable iPhone, emulating Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold designs. Market analysts suggest one of Apple’s models will resemble the Galaxy Z Fold series, though specific details remain sparse, including conflicting reports on screen sizes—potentially featuring a 6-inch external display and an 8-inch internal display.

Apple has shown no hesitation in discontinuing products still in development, as seen with the recent Apple Car project. Despite investing billions in research and development, Apple ceased the project and disbanded the 2,000-member development team.