AMD Strix Point and Fire Range appear on shipping list

AMD is set to unveil its revolutionary Zen 5 series architecture in 2024, methodically supplanting the products of the Zen 4 series. Alongside the Zen 5 architecture Ryzen desktop processors, codenamed “Granite Ridge,” the mobile platform iterations “Strix Point” and “Fire Range” have also surfaced in AMD’s shipment list, embodying designs based on the Zen 5 architecture.

Recent online discoveries have unveiled various Strix Point and Fire Range products, identified by their new OPN (Ordering Part Number), presumably chips designated for testing, including:

  • 100-0000001335 – Strix Point (1) 28W B0 FP8 Ryzen 9
  • 100-000000994 – Strix Point (1) 28W B0 FP8 Ryzen 9
  • 100-000001028 – Fire Range 16 Core 55W B0 Ryzen 9
  • 100-000001029 – Fire Range 8 Core 55W B0 Ryzen 7

Strix Point (1), an internal designation, with a TDP of 28W, is designed for the mainstream mobile APU market. It continues to employ a monolithic chip design, unlike the chiplet design of Strix Point (2), also known as “Strix Point Halo / Sarlak,” which boasts 40 Compute Units (CU). According to previous statements, Strix Point (1) utilizes a hybrid architecture comprising: Zen 5 architecture big cores and Zen 5c architecture small cores; 32MB of shared L3 cache; a 128-bit LPDDR5X memory controller; 16 CUs based on the RDNA 3.5/3+ architecture; and an integrated XDNA architecture AI engine.

Another series, Fire Range, is set to replace Dragon Range, essentially adapting desktop processors for mobile platforms with BGA packaging. The CPU segment will employ the Zen 5 architecture, with the current release showcasing a 16-core Ryzen 9 and an 8-core Ryzen 7, both with a TDP of 55W, intended for gaming laptops.

Rumors suggest Strix Point may launch in the second or third quarter of 2024, with Fire Range potentially debuting in early 2025.