Venezuela power outage and the president said that this matter caused by a cyber attack

19-year-old hacker

On the evening of March 7, most of Venezuela fell into the darkness, and people were struggling on the way home, and the scene was chaotic. Although power outages are already widespread in this country, this is one of the worst blackouts in Venezuela to date.

exposed PIN code

The power outage occurred at the peak of work. Due to the stop of the subway, the people were forced to walk. The streets of the capital, Caracas, were crowded with people. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the power outage on Twitter because of the US-led “electricity war.” Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said the blackouts were caused by right-wing extremists who wanted to create chaos by power outages. However, he did not provide relevant evidence.

Venezuela’s power system was once the object of Latin America’s envy, but after years of poor maintenance combined with poor management, the Venezuelan power system has fallen into disrepair.

Rodriguez called this a cyber attack aimed at destroying the entire system in Venezuela.“By attacking the automated control system, the machines stop as a protective mechanism,” he said.

Via: AP