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Chromium Microsoft Edge icon

Chromium Microsoft Edge for iOS is getting a new icon

Microsoft today released an update to its Chromium Edge beta application for iOS users, which is made available through the Apple TestFlight app. When users update to the latest version, the first thing they...

Chromium Microsoft Edge for ARM64

Chromium Microsoft Edge has richer PDF and other features

Since the announcement of the Chromium kernel, Microsoft has introduced many improvements to the new Edge browser, demonstrating better interoperability, cross-platform support, and faster updates to preview users. Currently, Microsoft is developing a series...

Chromium Microsoft Edge Windows 7

Chromium Microsoft Edge is available for Windows 7/8

When Microsoft announced a new version of the Edge browser based on the Chromium kernel, it promised to introduce the Edge browser to the macOS platform and support the Windows 7 and Windows 8....