September 20, 2020

Microsoft will set the Chromium Microsoft Edge browser to open the PDF file by default

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If nothing happens, Microsoft will ship Chromium Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 20H1 version, which will be released next spring, and set it as the new default browser. Of course, the official version of Chromium Edge will be available next spring. After the official release, this browser will also replace the Microsoft Edge as the default browser and as the default application for the file type.

Chromium Microsoft Edge for ARM64

At the time of the Windows 8 release, Microsoft provided the PDF Document Reader application, which is pre-installed directly in the system for users to read PDF documents directly. In the subsequent changes, Microsoft extended the support for Microsoft Edge to promote Microsoft Edge, and then Microsoft’s browser became the default application for PDF documents. Microsoft has also a plan that the default application of the PDF document will change after the browser replacement is completed, that is, it will be updated to the Chromium Edge browser.

In fact, the Chromium series browser’s PDF document reading experience is quite good, so users simply do not need to install professional software. If you use Google Chrome, you can, of course, set it as a PDF default application, just go to the default application of the settings and configure it.