September 25, 2020

Microsoft redesigned a new icon for Chromium Microsoft Edge browser

1 min read

Microsoft has been redesigning the icons of some of its most well-known programs. Until now, it has designed new icons for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now it is the turn of this company to introduce a new icon for the Chromium Microsoft Edge browser.

The new icon is shaped like a lowercase “e”, which looks like a wave, with a blue bottom and a green top. It is unclear why Microsoft chose this new icon, and it is not clear whether it has been officially released. Obviously, this new icon is part of a mini-game and Easter egg game that Microsoft introduced in the Edge Canary version. Last week, Reddit posted some clues, and Microsoft employees posted additional info on social media.

Next week, Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference will be held, and people will be expected to explain more about this new icon. In addition, with the download link of the stable Chromium-based browser recently appeared online, the software giant will most likely officially launch the browser.