Chromium Microsoft Edge will also have a Focus Mode

Previously, Chrome was about to introduce a new feature called “Focus Mode” to help users eliminate distractions while surfing the web. Following the support of the Focus Mode by the Chrome browser for the Canary and Dev channels, the new Edge browser has recently gained this feature.

Focus Mode helps you stay focused when you work with your computer. The idea is simple when you work or study using your computer, there are so many distractions available on the internet that you easily lose your focus! So to help you prevent your future productivity decreasing, you just have to activate the Focus Mode.

The Focus Mode function can be activated by the user through the Flag menu page. This feature differs from the full-screen mode in that it provides a small user interface to help the user focus on the selected tabs.

The focus mode is enabled, allowing users to browse the entire web page without distraction. This feature can be applied to reading, or it can be used for immediate work by letting users stop accessing other websites.

Via: mspoweruser