September 20, 2020

Benchmarks show that the Chromium Microsoft Edge is about 10% better than the Microsoft Edge

1 min read

Earlier Microsoft has announced the official version of the Microsoft Edge based on the Chromium browser and promoted the browser to all users.

For the time being, this new browser has a good reputation and has gained a lot of users, but it is naturally impossible to compare it with Google Chrome in terms of market share.

Chromium Microsoft Edge icon

It is interesting that after Microsoft launched the new version, the benchmark website PCMARK found that the performance of the new version was about 10% higher than that of the classic version.

The test content includes access to social media, watching videos, loading images, and 3D objects, etc. The test simulates the real user scenario for testing. Therefore, in terms of credibility, it may be higher than the tests released by Microsoft itself.