Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Google Chrome starts adjusting UA identifier to prevent websites from identifying browser versions

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Google Chrome has previously announced that it will cancel user agent strings that have been in use for many years, because these strings may leak users’ private information.

The user agent string contains information such as system version, architecture, browser version, and architecture. Some ad networks use this information to track users.

Therefore, Google decided to completely cancel the user-agent string to retain only the browser name, and subsequent ad networks could only know that the user was accessing using Google Chrome.

At present, Google has added a new experimental function in the Google Chrome Canary. After this function is turned on, the browser version will be reset to Google Chrome version 75.

That is, various tracking scripts can no longer obtain the accurate version of Google Chrome, of course, this is just the beginning because other subsequent information will also be completely erased by Google.

Users can turn on this experimental option for testing: chrome://flags/#freeze-user-agent. After setting the option to Enabled, restart the browser.

After restarting the browser, go to chrome://version and you can see that the UA identifier becomes version 75. Of course, the actual browser version is V81.0.4040.0 beta.

Via: techdows