Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Free Software Foundation calls on Microsoft to open source Windows 7 systems

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The Windows 7 operating system has officially ended its support. After that, Microsoft will not release features or software updates to the operating system.

Of course, the end of support does not mean that the operating system will be unusable. In fact, consumers can continue to use this version but they will face security risks.

And for enterprises that are willing to pay for extended security support, they can continue to get updates, so the operating system will not completely disappear in a short time.

After the formal end of support, a well-known non-profit organization, the Free Software Foundation, called for the foundation to hope that Microsoft can completely open source the operating system.

Because after the open-source, technicians from all over the world can help fix the vulnerabilities, so that they can continue to extend their life to improve the security of end-users.

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Of course, the Free Software Foundation also emphasized that Microsoft should respect the freedom and privacy of users because many users are not willing to be forced to upgrade to Windows 10 by Microsoft.

If Microsoft can open-source Windows 7, everyone can continue to maintain, so that users who do not want to upgrade can continue to use the old version with peace of mind.

Thousands of signatures have been collected by the Free Software Foundation’s petition, and the foundation plans to collect 7,777 signatures before submitting them to Microsoft.

Although the Free Software Foundation has called on Microsoft to open source from a maintenance perspective, it is estimated that Microsoft will not open-source completely no matter how many signatures are collected.

The reason is simple: Windows 7 and many of the kernel code are used as the basis to build Windows 10. These complex codes obviously have countless flaws.

Therefore, after the open-source is really implemented, it is estimated that before the open-source community and Microsoft can fix it, a large number of terminal devices will be hacked due to vulnerabilities.

Therefore, Microsoft will never open source, especially the code on the Win NT kernel. If it is really open source, it will inevitably put the global computer into crisis.