Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Britain will not enforce a controversial copyright bill passed by EU last year

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The European Union has announced the passage of the EU Copyright Directive Act last year, and despite its high controversy, the European Commission eventually passed the plan.

The amended EU copyright plan adjusts media content citations and social media users uploads content copyright disputes, and it is these provisions that have caused controversy.

At present, Britain has officially signed off from the European Union, and the ruling party opposed to the scheme is now a British leader and will no longer implement the bill.

EU GDPR violations

The copyright bill passed by the European Union eventually needs to be written into the laws of member states. According to regulations, member states need to complete the relevant legal amendments by 2021.

For news aggregation products, it is necessary to distinguish different countries, and separate copyright settings need to be set for users and publishers.

Such products may eventually be hurt by the new copyright law and gradually become lonely or even completely dead, and it will not be easy for users to watch the news.

Via: Neowin