September 20, 2020

Microsoft will support for Chromium Microsoft Edge for Windows 7

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Because of the end of Windows 7 support, Google Chrome will also stop supporting the Windows 7 operating system, but users can still continue to use it at this stage.

According to the Google plan, Google Chrome will provide additional support for Windows 7 for 18 months, after which users can only use the old version and cannot continue to update.

Chromium Microsoft Edge Windows 7

Now Microsoft has announced a similar plan. Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 will also provide 18 months of additional support until July 15, 2021.

At present Microsoft has also used the Google Chrome kernel to develop new browsers, so Microsoft has directly stated that it will follow Google Chrome to provide support plans.

In the future, if Google Chrome extended support, Microsoft will follow up, so if users cannot upgrade the system, using a more secure browser can also improve security.

Update: Microsoft has updated it’s statement to only say that it will support Edge on Windows 7, but not for how long. In other words, it’s exactly what we already knew.