September 20, 2020

Chromium Microsoft Edge can not use Google’ Stadia service

2 min read

In the case of the unsuccessful development of its own kernel, Microsoft announced that it would switch to the Chromium browser open-source project led by Google and also directly abandon its own kernel. Now that the Trident kernel used by the classic version of Microsoft Edge browser is about to go into history, it seems that Microsoft is sad even if it abandons its own kernel.

Earlier when Microsoft announced the abandonment of its own kernel, Microsoft engineers revealed that Google was suppressing it through its extensive online services that are not compatible with other browsers. Unfortunately, Microsoft has now developed the Microsoft Edge browser using the Google Chrome kernel but there are still compatibility issues with Google services.

According to feedback from Twitter netizens, when users use Microsoft’s browser to load Google’s Stadia cloud game service, an exception occurs and the browser cannot load and browse normally.

But if you use Google Chrome to access it, there is no problem. However, Chromium Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are now essentially the same. Because these browsers are developed directly on the basis of Chromium, whether it is the kernel, rendering engine or interpreter, etc. are exactly the same.

What is even more unexpected is that if the user modifies the UA string in the Microsoft browser and changes it to the Google Chrome string, it will load normally again. It indicates that Google has intentionally identified non-Google browsers in the loading aspect and then throws an error, thereby pushing consumers to use Google Chrome instead of other browsers.

Previously, YouTube and Google Drive had similar problems. At the time, Google said that some code errors were not caused by the company.