Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Media playback controls is available on Google Chrome

1 min read

The media playback controls is a new feature developed by Google Chrome earlier. This function can display the media control button to the right of any tab to play or pause. When the user finds that a certain tab of the browser emits a sound, there is no need to switch to the corresponding tab, but directly click the media control button to perform the required operation. Especially when opening a large number of tabs, it is not easy to find the tabs that play sounds, so the new media playback control button can solve the problem well.

Although this feature is already available in the Canary and Developer Channel, Google has not decided to push this feature to the official channel until now. The push is currently done in batches, so some users now support this feature, and some users may need to wait a few days for this feature to become available.

Of course, if you are in a hurry, you can also manually go to chrome://flags/#global-media-controls to modify it to Enabled and restart the browser. After restarting the browser, if there is a tab playing sound, this button will be displayed in the upper right corner. Of course, this button will be hidden automatically if there is no sound.

Via: WindowsLatest