Say Goodbye to Lag: Chrome Update Tailored for Snapdragon

Google and Qualcomm have announced the introduction of a Chrome browser optimized for Arm architecture Windows PCs equipped with Snapdragon processors, promising an enhanced browsing experience. This refinement is set to elevate the user experience for Windows PCs powered by Snapdragon processors, with an update expected to be released within this week.

The Chrome browser, designed to work seamlessly with the Snapdragon processor, is expected to operate in an optimized manner, ensuring full web browsing efficiency. It notably emphasizes a significant performance improvement in the Speedometer 2.1 benchmark tests.

Furthermore, Qualcomm has revealed that Windows PCs equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite processor are slated for release in mid-year, supporting a wide range of artificial intelligence applications. The Chrome browser, tailored for the Snapdragon processor on Windows, is anticipated to debut this week.

The first wave of Windows PCs utilizing the Snapdragon X Elite processor might be launched by leading companies such as Samsung and Microsoft, although Qualcomm has yet to disclose specific details.

Previously, at the GDC 2024 event, Qualcomm elaborated that PCs equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite processor would be capable of running any gaming content within the Windows operating system environment.