phpMyAdmin 4.8.0 release, fix bugs


phpMyAdmin is a PHP-based, web-based MySQL database management tool that allows administrators to manage MySQL databases using the web interface. phpMyAdmin has grown into one of the major tools for managing MySQL and MySQL-like databases, averaging over 200,000 direct downloads per month.

phpMyAdmin 4.7.9 has been released, this is a regular maintenance version, fixes some bugs. The complete list of the bugs fixed and new features can be found in the ChangeLog file or in changelog.php, which is included in this release.

Changes in phpMyAdmin 4.8.0 (2018-04-07)

  • Allow the removal of individual segments from pie charts
  • Improved database search to allow matching the exact phrase
  • phpMyAdmin no longer requires using the PHP eval() function
  • The mbstring dependency is now optional
  • Authentication logging using $cfg[‘AuthLog’]
  • Add support for Google’s Invisible Captcha
  • Improved handling of reCAPTCHA
  • Fixes to the JavaScript editor for TIME values
  • Improved the editor for the JSON data type
  • Add “Format” button to the edit view form
  • Implement mobile interface
  • There are now configuration directives to set defaults for Transformation options
  • Allow Designer to show tables from other databases
  • Add support for authentication using U2F and 2FA
  • Designer: fix broken “Add tables from other database”
  • Fix double escaping of ENUM dropdown
  • Restore SQL query after session expires
  • Query builder: Fix for new column not being added
  • Fix for blank login page
  • Changes to the handling of arg_separator for AJAX requests; see issue #13940
  • Structure tab: fix silent failure to create new indexes
  • Fix improperly escaped HTML code on the database structure page
  • Fix JavaScript errors when using Internet Explorer (in particular when editing rows)
  • Fix for broken error report
  • Fix failed import
  • Fix for “Cannot read property sql_query of undefined” errors


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