phpMyAdmin 4.7.9 release, fix bugs


phpMyAdmin is a PHP-based, web-based MySQL database management tool that allows administrators to manage MySQL databases using the web interface. phpMyAdmin has grown into one of the major tools for managing MySQL and MySQL-like databases, averaging over 200,000 direct downloads per month.

phpMyAdmin 4.7.9 has been released, this is a regular maintenance version, fixes some bugs. The complete list of the bugs fixed and new features can be found in the ChangeLog file or in changelog.php, which is included in this release.

Changes in phpMyAdmin 4.7.9 (2018-03-05)

  • – issue #13931 Fixed browsing tables with more results
  • – issue #13927 “Not an integer” when browsing a table
  • – issue #13887 “Input variables exceeded 1000” error relating to PHP’s max_input_vars directive


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